Vosgian Dyptic

Cycling allows you to escape your daily routine with unexpected rides in new places, random encounters with passionate people and reflections in the poetry of the surrounding nature.
For this weekend of July, Fringale headed to the Vosges mountains to ride some of their most famous climbs. This region of France is perfect for cycling thanks to its deep forests wrapping up the hills and summits, the smooth roads criss-crossind here and there, snaking from valley to valley...

On the Ballons’ roads with Fringale

Starting from Brussels in a warm evening, we rode to Xonrupt (Vosges) and its beautiful lake, the team threw their tents in the forest. Some pasta and beers in the night to kick off the trip and - somehow - charge the batteries for tomorrow’s night...

DAY 1 - Grand BalloN

Waking up with the sun rays pointing through the pines branches, time to wear the Fringale lycra! On the menu: 120 km of hilly roads.

Riding to the Col des Faignes, then Col du Bramont, we rushed down the slopes to reach Willer-sur-Thur where the Grand Ballon’s climb starts. You can see the Vosges highest summit (1,424 m) from the village. After a tough climb, the view on top allows you to embrace the whole Vosgian green landscape.

Then, a long downhill to Munster for a break with a delicious local and cheesy ‘flàmmenküeche’!

Last but not least, the long Col de la Schlucht (1,139 m) to switch back in our camp’s valley.


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DAY 2 - Tour de France memories

One ‘Ballon’ yesterday, still two others to hunt down today!

After riding to Le Thillot, we started with the Col des Croix and Ballon de Servance (1,216 m). Those roads are taking you in the heart of the nature, with raptors hovering around.

Right after, La Planche des Belles Filles (1148m) is waiting for us, two weeks after the Tour de FranceWhat a brutal climb, with the 20% gradient finish on top of some ski slopes. Looking at all the pro riders names painted on the asphalt provides some more motivation.

We stopped by Giromagny to eat something before entering the last col of the day: the famous Ballon d’Alsace (1,247 m). On our way, we had some cool chit chat talks with other cyclists.


The feeling when you reach the top of La Planche des Belles Filles, insane!

Overall, the 90 km long day felt very good in the saddle, with the weather being with us, except the summer storm in the last descent. Yes!

Time for a burger

After all these adventures, the stomacs were rewarded with some fat burgers. Feels so good! See you on the next Fringale’s cycling trip!

—PS: Big thanks to Francois, Ows, Julien & the Dragons!


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