Let's Shoot Crocodiles!


In June, Fringale proudly launched its first cycling apparel collection!

We kicked it off with a full crocodile look to bring more creativity, art and fun to the cycling world.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, we had the chance to shoot the products in a proper way. A great first photographic experience to capture the whole look and show all the technical and style details.

Crocodile Race Jersey

Crocodiles! Our jersey comes with a multitude of reptiles on the front, the shoulders and the flanks. Swimming in a unique deep blue sea, you'll look uncatchable in this lightweight second skin.

Technically speaking, it comes with 3 pockets in the back + 1 hidden zip pocket, mesh fabric, an aero cut, silicon gripper around the waist and gummy sleeve edges.

Team Bib Shorts


Fringale wants you to ride with comfort! And the Team Bib Shorts are one of our solutions. Black all over the way, it makes your upper body shine!

Double-layered padding, mesh straps and silicon grippers are the ingredients of our recipe for cyclists happiness.

Crocodile Arm Warmers

You know the feeling of your arms start shivering when riding long downhills, making you loose your focus on trajectory because the speed-generated cold breeze.

Or the feeling when you leave home and think about a jacket because the sun doesn't heat you enough...

Just forget them! Our armscreens will do the job. Plus, they'll add some crocodiles to your crocodile look.

Crocodile Windstopper Gilet

The ultra-light aero gilet is your best friend when riding, trust us. Completely foldable and fitting into one of the jersey's pockets, wear it when you need it.

The front stops the wind as the back let you ventilate your body.

Awesome Accessories

Avoid the "fringale"!

- AKA "running out of power due to a lack of preparation" in french.

The Crocodile full set comes with two accessories every cyclist need: a 500ml bidon and a fabric bag to store the equipment when travelling.


Like it? Please tell us, we're always happy to listen to your feedback! And if you're really fan of it - we hope you are - hit the button just here below. See you!


Photograph - Christophe Bertrand
Models - Julien & Pierre-Olivier